Research tools that may (or may not) be useful.

The tools listed below are research-grade (i.e., not intended for commercial use) works-in-progress.

DCSIMSEP: A DC (SIM)ulators of (SEP)aration in power systems

DCSIMSEP is a relatively simple simulator of cascading failure in power systems. It is similar in design to the "open-loop" version of the OPA cascading failure simulator, though perhaps somewhat less optimistic, since it does not (by default) use any particular stress-mitigating control actions to mitigate overloads---the assumption being that the cascades are propagating too fast to allow operators to enact such actions.

The matlab source for DCSIMSEP is available on github.

Papers that have used DCSIMSEP include:

ACSIMSEP: An AC (SIM)ulators of (SEP)aration in power systems

[Coming soon]

COSMIC: Cascading Outage Simulator with Multiprocess Integration Capabilities

COSMIC is a dynamic cascading outage simulator in power systems. Source for COSMIC is available on github. For details about COSMIC, see: